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Four Women and the California Coast

By Colleen Swift

Leaving L.A.--a six-day bike trip up the coast to San Fransisco.

Loowit Trail #216

By Nancy Prichard

Mount St. Helen's Loowit Trail is a moderate to challenging hike that rewards with panoramas of the regions volcanic mountains.

Hiking the Dragoon Mountains

By George Stocking

Arizona's Dragoon Mountains offer hikers a vertical labyrinth of granite spires, wooded canyons, trails, and campgrounds nestled amoung thick oaks.

Holiday Camping at Big Bend

By Tom Garrett

Considering a Christmas getaway? Combine the beauty of the low desert in winter with your holiday spirit. A memorable adventure will be your reward.

Kings Peak Lives Up to its Name

By Chris Rice

A three-day hike in Utah's high Uinta Wilderness culminates in sensory nirvana atop the state's highest peak.

New Mexico's Pecos Wilderness

By Jeff Everist

There are a lot of ways to explore Pecos Wilderness and a lifetime of things to see once you are there.

Sangre de Cristo Mountains

By Mary Humphrey

Peaks, lakes, high meadows, and forests lure both dayhikers and
backpackers into the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

Spring Destinations: Southern Utah

By Dan Smuts

With five national parks, seven national monuments and millions of acres of BLM land, Utah is a hiker's paradise.

Visiting Coronado Memorial

By George Stocking

A weekend trip through the timeless topography of southeastern Arizona.

Wildlife Thrives in Aransas Refuge

By Shannon Blackburn

Aransas has a well-deserved reputation as one of the prime birding locales in Texas.

Fun for Everyone at Padre Island

By Shannon Blackburn

Extending 113 miles along the Texas Gulf Coast, Padre Island offers stunning dunes of fine white sand, thriving grasslands, saltwater marshes and myriad wildlife.

Follow the South Kaibab Trail

By Lakshmi & Chandra Mouli

True hikers know that the ultimate Grand Canyon experience isn't on the rim with a camera in hand-- it's hiking down the mile-deep gorge.

Family Hiking in Little Wild Horse Canyon

By Craig Martin

If you enjoy hiking with your children, don't take them to Little Wild Horse Canyon. It'll spoil them rotten.

Elk, Solitude and Trout in the San Pedro Parks

By Craig Martin

Quiet solitude, gentle grades, and a spiderweb network of trails make this wilderness accessible to a wide variety of users from multi-day backpackers to local fishermen to families.

Cruces Basin Wilderness

By Craig Martin

Brush up on your navigation skills and enter one of New Mexico's hidden wilderness treasures. You'll be rewarded with days of secluded wandering among meadows, forests, and wide-open valleys.

Camping Beneath the Moon at White Sands Monument

By Jeff Everist

The largest gypsum deposit on earth lies in the shifting dunes of New Mexico's Tularosa Basin. See why this surreal world is best captured by moonlight.

Camping at Toroweap

By George Stocking

Glimpse life on the edge at Toroweap overlook on the north rim of the Grand Canyon.

Bryce Canyon's Navajo Trail

By Colleen Swift

Exploring Navajo Trail with a camera. Take a hike and take away a record of the best in Utah's desert scenery.

Lowry Air Force Base

By David Nelson

Here's a short, easy, flat ride on old runways in an abandoned military facility.

Meadow Mountain Loop

By David Nelson

The loop ride on Meadow Mountain is a good route for single-track novices and experts alike.

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