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Biking the East Coast Greenway

By Harry Jaffe

All across America there are great biking trails and commuting trails--this path along the Patomac may be the best of both worlds.

Trans-Sierra Snowshoe Trek

By Cameron Martindell

On a classic High Sierra ski route a group of adventurers prove that snowshoes offer a viable way to cross the range.

Powder Perfect

By Kari Bodnarchuk

The Interconnect Adventure Tour is a backcountry ski outing that connects six of Utah's most famous ski resorts in a single day

Kiteboarding in Tofino

Kiteboarding has reached a crescendo of popularity in Europe, and now joins surfing and hiking as another outdoor pursuit on the wild west coast of Vancouver Island

On the Wings of an Angel

Heli-Hiking in the Cariboo Mountain wilderness of British Columbia is about as close to backcountry nirvana as you can get.

Hiking Arctic Sweden

An unforgettable 100-kilometer backcountry odyssey following Sweden's famed Kungsleden trail through the heart of Lappland, Europe's last true wilderness.

Hiking in New Zealand

If the Lord of the Rings has you yearning for the New Zealand backcountry, here's what you need to know to find the best routes on both Islands of this friendly country.

Girls' Getaway

By Kari Bodnarchuk

Three women on vacation find winter sports Nirvana in the Canadian Rockies during a week filled with skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing, dog sledding and high living.

Delhi Driving

By Jim Martin

'To American eyes these folks drove like lunatics. We wouldn't last a minute out there.' Get a glimpse of the in's and out's of the rules of the road in New Delhi India.

The Lewis and Clark Trail

By Bruce W. Smith

Like the Lewis and Clark expedition, we were explorers using the
shallow, rather slow-moving Missouri as our highway to the unknown. But
there the similarities stopped.

Top Ten Sights in Asia and the South Pacific

Discover Asia. See it all! Here are the top sights - from Angkor Wat to Mount Everest to the Great Barrier Reef to the Great Wall of China.

Around Mount St. Helens in One Day

By Mike McQuaide

Where in the Northwest can you experience a full spectrum of spectacular landscape? From rain forest to desert, from canyons to riverbeds, from alpine meadows to volcanic blast zones, here's a 30-mile trail run you'll never forget.

Oh, Canada

By Jason Lathrop

It's vast, empty, and largely unspoiled. Why don't Americans give the Great White North the respect she deserves?

Five Spring Escapes

By Elena Moon

Winter skies got you down? Try a little armchair casting for some warm weather escapes when spring rolls around.

Crested Butte's Trail 403

By David Nelson

You'll need better than average bike-handling skills for the 23-plus-mile loop through scenic Colorado.

Colorado Trail Singletrack

Sections of the 480-mile Colorado Trail near Denver offer some of the best single-track trail riding in the state.

Durango's Dry Fork Loop

By David Nelson

Several miles of creek-side trail with a gradual climb and a one-mile vertical haul of switchbacks--all close to town in the San Juan National Forest.

A Pearl of a Pass

By David Nelson

Crested Butte to Aspen via Pearl Pass--40 sensational miles of challenging backcountry for the seasoned mountain bike rider.

Mile High and Very Wide

By Kaj Bune

Whistler/Blackcomb--a Canadian destination with something for everyone: skiing, snowshoeing, mountain biking, hiking, climbing.

Carve Up a Big Corn Snow Cone

By Kaj Bune

Mt. Bachelor and the nearby town of Bend, Oregon, form the hub of a great wheel of athletic possibilities with summer skiing at nearly every spoke.

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