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Adventuring in Costa Rica

By Adam Jaquette

Come along with Adam Jaquette, author, educator and photographer, as he takes us through the highlights of an adventure trip to Costa Rica. "With its rich biodiversity and numerous distinct ecosystems,” Jaquette said, “Costa Rica is an ideal destination for nature lovers. Hiking, kayaking, surfing and exploring the wildlife of the famous “cloud forests” make the peaceful country an adventure travel dream.”


An Iceland Grand Tour

By Adam Jaquette

Photographer Adam Jaquette shows us the wild side to Iceland in this collection of images. "What struck me about Iceland was the stark beauty of the country and the diversity of the countryside, from puffins nesting on the sea cliffs, beaches littered with ice, and geo-thermal geysers. Iceland is a place where nature still rules and visitors must respect it."

Images from the Edge editor Peter Potterfield shares photos he's taken while writing about backcountry adventures.

In Memoriam - Carl Skoog

A tribute from his brothers Lowell and Gordy and from his friends in the outdoors including Andrew McLean and Gary Brill. Includes a selection of captivating images by Carl Skoog.

Banff 2005 Photography Winners

The 2005 Banff Mountain Festivals wrapped up with a display of the winning images from the Banff Mountain Photography Competition.

Creating Digital Panaramas

By James Martin

Author and outdoor photographer James Martin writes about creating digital panoramas.

A Look at the Wild Side

By James Martin

From ice climbers in the Canadian Rockies, to the grizzly bears of Denali and the surreal landscapes of Patagonia, to the ruins of an ancient civilization in Cambodia-these are all the subjects of renowned photographer James Martin, one of the most wide-ranging of working professionals in North America.

A World of Adventure

By Jake Norton

Jake Norton has photographed the world's mountains, peoples, and cultures for
a variety of clients.

Banff 2004 Photography Winners

The 2004 Banff Mountain Festivals kicked off this week with the judging of the Mountain Photography Competition, while the The Banff Mountain Book Festival and Banff Mountain Film Festival will take place during the first week in November.

Desert Palette

By Jack Dykinga

The Sonoran Desert - rich with color, light, and geological texture. Pulitzer-prize-winning photographer Jack Dykinga shares images from the American Southwest.


By John & Lisa Merrill

A spicy photo tour of the some of the world's intriguing marketplaces.

Comet Hale-Bopp & the Saber

By Glenn Randall

Learn about this once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity from an expert in outdoor photography.

Shooting Zion & Bryce

By Bob Krist

Traveling photographer Bob Krist tells you how to take pictures every bit as dazzling as America's Southwest.

Changing Seasons

By Ralph Lee Hopkins

The late summer sun and early autumn chill set the Colorado aspens ablaze in a dazzling show of colors. Join photographer Ralph Hopkins as he follows the changing light and changing colors from summer to fall.

Dance of the Close-Up

By Nevada Wier

Learn the delicate art of cross- cultural portraiture from renowned photographer Nevada Wier.

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