Health & Fitness, Snow

Eat to Ride

By Miranda Yeary

What to eat to keep you going on the slopes, the trail or the mountain.

Care & Maintenance of Your Body Parts

By Annie Getchell

Face plants, endos, whippers -- whatever your catastrophic deceleration of choice, it takes a toll on your body. Annie Getchell details the prevention and treatment of today's outdoor enthusiast.

Stair Climb to Winter Fitness

By Kaj Bune

Although the scenery isn't as good as the real thing, your fitness will be for real.

Winter Warm-up

By Kaj Bune

Warm up and stretch out before and after your snow rides to prevent stress and strain on those muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Bigfoot Sighting

By Jason Lathrop

A drop-out of the corporate world, Dave 'Bigfoot' Felkley, Colorado's snowshoe guru, advocates a simple life and a winter walk (or run) in the woods.

Off Season Training

By Miranda Yeary

Keep your body in good working order during the offseason.

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