North America

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Around Mount St. Helens in One Day

By Mike McQuaide

Where in the Northwest can you experience a full spectrum of spectacular landscape? From rain forest to desert, from canyons to riverbeds, from alpine meadows to volcanic blast zones, here's a 30-mile trail run you'll never forget.

Night Running in the Northwest

By Mike McQuaide

Nighttime trailrunning. It's not for everyone, but once you get the hang of it, it's a good way of staying fit through the winter months.

Oh, Canada

By Jason Lathrop

It's vast, empty, and largely unspoiled. Why don't Americans give the Great White North the respect she deserves?

Five Spring Escapes

By Elena Moon

Winter skies got you down? Try a little armchair casting for some warm weather escapes when spring rolls around.

Crested Butte's Trail 403

By David Nelson

You'll need better than average bike-handling skills for the 23-plus-mile loop through scenic Colorado.

Colorado Trail Singletrack

Sections of the 480-mile Colorado Trail near Denver offer some of the best single-track trail riding in the state.

Durango's Dry Fork Loop

By David Nelson

Several miles of creek-side trail with a gradual climb and a one-mile vertical haul of switchbacks--all close to town in the San Juan National Forest.

A Pearl of a Pass

By David Nelson

Crested Butte to Aspen via Pearl Pass--40 sensational miles of challenging backcountry for the seasoned mountain bike rider.

Mile High and Very Wide

By Kaj Bune

Whistler/Blackcomb--a Canadian destination with something for everyone: skiing, snowshoeing, mountain biking, hiking, climbing.

Carve Up a Big Corn Snow Cone

By Kaj Bune

Mt. Bachelor and the nearby town of Bend, Oregon, form the hub of a great wheel of athletic possibilities with summer skiing at nearly every spoke.

East of the Rainforest

By Ann McIntosh & David Nolte

Fishing Oregon's Dechutes, Crooked and Metolius Rivers.

Hidden Gems of the Middle Fork

By Bill Bruchak

The first time I saw the Middle Fork Country in Central Idaho, I felt like it was going to swallow me up. Not in an intimidating way, but with that sense of becoming part of the country itself.

A Noncamper Conquers Canyonlands

By Karen Laski

Self-confessed non-camper Karen Laski spends 12 days in the wild and enjoys (almost) every minute of it.

Hill Climbs

By Erik Scmidt

Want to be King of the Mountains? Test your mettle against the 'baddest' hill climbs in America.

Desert Palette

By Jack Dykinga

The Sonoran Desert - rich with color, light, and geological texture. Pulitzer-prize-winning photographer Jack Dykinga shares images from the American Southwest.

Comet Hale-Bopp & the Saber

By Glenn Randall

Learn about this once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity from an expert in outdoor photography.

Shooting Zion & Bryce

By Bob Krist

Traveling photographer Bob Krist tells you how to take pictures every bit as dazzling as America's Southwest.

Gates of the Arctic

By Steve Howe

Willows, rain, bugs, rivers, snowfields, and steep mountain passes: How do you travel through rugged and beautiful Gates of teh Arctic National Park? Simple, follow the caibou.

Cascadia Marine Trail

By Joel Rogers

Joel Rogers explores more than 400 miles of watery landscape from the Canadian border to the Puget Sound.

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