Everest 2008 Live on

By GreatOutdoors Staff - April 9th, 2008

Dave Hahn, Everest correpsondent, reached the summit for the tenth time the morning of May 27, more than any other non-Sherpa climber, and the IMG Expedition team put more than a dozen climbers on top. Check out the latest satellite telephone dispatches, pictures and video from Mount Everest as our climbing correspondent Dave Hahn continues to report in regularly, with photos and video. Follow the action live on GreatOutdoors as the very strange Everest 2008 season draws to a close as the IMG climbers begin to dismantle their camps and prepare for home.

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Olympic Games and Geo Politics Change the Rules on Everest

China exerts influence on Nepal to restrict climbing on the world’s highest peak this spring, and reported restrictions on satellite communication could affect how the news gets out.

Sir Edmund Hillary Dies

Sir Edmund Hillary, the climber who was one of two men to make the first ascent of Mount Everest, in 1953, died in his native New Zealand. In May, 1953, Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay were the first human beings to climb to the summit of Mount Everest. The extraordinary event made both men famous. Hillary had been in failing health for several years.

The 10 Most Intriguing Climbs of 2007

By Dougald MacDonald

Journalist Dougald MacDonald chooses the handful of notable
ascents from 2007 that point to the future of climbing, from the hardest rock
climbs to the most impressive alpine routes.

The Planet Ice Project: Mt. Everest

By James Martin

James Martin, writing exclusively for as he photographs and researches his book, Planet Ice, reports from Mount Everest.

On Top of the World

With his successful ascent of Annapurna on May 12, Ed Viesturs becomes the first North American to reach the top of all 14 8,000 meter peaks without supplemental oxygen.

Ed Viesturs' Himalayan Quest

Only 14 peaks reach above 8,000 meters (about 26,000 feet). For fifteen years, since his ascent of Kangchenjunga, they have been the focus of Ed Viesturs climbing efforts.

Viesturs Returns to Annapurna

Ed Viesturs announces his return for a third attempt on Annapurna this spring in his bid to become the first American to climb all fourteen 8,000-meter peaks.

Reflections on Everest

Ed Viesturs takes a moment to share some new photographs and reflect on his most recent ascent of Mount Everest--his sixth.

Viesturs Summits Everest a Sixth Time

In an exclusive interview with Ed Viesturs from the South Col, the climber describes his sixth successful ascent of Everest and says he will put off an attempt on Annapurna until 2005

Viesturs closes in on Annapurna

New daily updates: After acclimatizing on Cho Oyu, Ed Viesturs focuses on Annapurna and his 14th and final 8,000 meter summit

No Shortcuts to the Top

A conversation with Ed Viesturs, and an excerpt from his new book on
his ascent of the world's 14 highest peaks without supplemental oxygen.

Reflections on Everest 2006

By Dave Hahn

Everest Correspondent Dave Hahn takes a moment to reflect on the Everest season just finished, and his own seventh successful trip to the top.

French Climber Perished on Makalu

Jean-Christophe Lafaille, attempting a solo ascent of Makalu, has been missing for more than a week and is presumed dead.

Everest 2006: Live on

By GreatOutdoors Staff - March 31st, 2006

Follow along LIVE as Everest summit attempts begin and continue through May. Correspondent Dave Hahn reports on the action from the South Col route.

The Changing Role of Sherpa Climbers

With his seventh Everest summit, climbing leaders such as Lakpa Rita Sherpa are redefining what it means to be a high altitude Sherpa climber on Everest and around the world.

Classic Hikes of the World

By Peter Potterfield - September 2nd, 2005

An excerpt from Peter Potterfield's new book on the world's best hiking routes, including the Grand Canyon, Kungsleden, McGonagall Pass, Routeburn Track and the Wonderland Trail.

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Video: Helicopter Lands on Everest

Helicopter lands on the summit of Mount Everest.

Helicopter on Everest makes History

For the first time in history, a helicopter unexpectedly touched down on the summit of Everest, its pilot settling onto the summit snows.

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