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Ed Viesturs' Himalayan Quest

The record on the 8,000-meter peaks: Ed Viesturs and the World's Highest Peaks
By Peter Potterfield - February 7th, 2007

Only 14 peaks reach above 8,000 meters (about 26,000 feet). For fifteen years, since his ascent of Kangchenjunga, they have been the focus of Ed Viesturs climbing efforts. Below is a list of the peaks and the dates of his ascents.

Kangchenjunga: 28,000 feet, 8,586 meters
Summited in 1989 via the North Face with Phil Ershler and Craig Vanhoy.

Everest: 29,035 feet, 8850 meters
Summited 1990, via the North Ridge, solo. Also summited via the South Col in 1991, 1994 with Rob Hall, and 1996 as part of the IMAX film team, and in 1997 with David Breashears, Guy Cotter and Pete Athans as part of a NOVA film team. Summited for a sixth time in 2004 with David Breashears while supporting the making of a feature film about the 1996 tragedy. Reached the summit for a seventh time in 2009 while climbing with the First Ascent expedition.

K2: 28,250 feet, 8,611 meters
Summited in 1992 via the Abruzzi Ridge with Scott Fischer and Charlie Mace, making the first American ascent of the Abruzzi.

Shishapangma: 26,400 feet, 8046 meters
Summited in 2004 via the North Ridge with Veikka Gustafsson.

Cho Oyu: 26,906 feet, 8,201 meters
Summited in 1994 with Rob Hall and in 1996.

Lhotse: 27,940 feet, 8,516 meters
Summited in 1994 via the West Face with Rob Hall

Gasherbrum I: 26,470 feet, 8,068 meters
Summited in 1995 via the Japanese Couloir with Carlos Carsolio, Krzysztof Wielicki, Jacek Barbeka.

Gasherbrum II: 26,360-feet, 8,035 meters
Summited 1995 via the South Ridge with Rob Hall, but Viesturs alone reached the top

Makalu: 27,766 feet, 8,463 meters
Summited 1995 via the Northwest Ridge with Rob Hall

Broad Peak: 26,400 feet, 8,047 meters
Summited 2003via the West Face with Jean Christophe LaFaille

Manaslu: 26,781 feet, 8,163 meters
Summited 1999 via the Northeast Face with Veikka Gustafsson

Dhaulagiri: 26,795 meters, 8,167 meters
Summited in 1999 via the Northeast Ridge with Veikka Gustafsson

Nanga Parbat: 26,658 feet, 8,125 meters
Summited in 2003 with Jean Christophe LaFaille

Annapurna: 26,545-foot, 8163 meters
Attempted unsuccessfully in 2000 (via the North Side) and 2002 (via the South Side) with Veikka Gustafsson, summited via the North Side on May 12, 2005, with Veikka Gustafson.


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