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This is the U.S. Bank 2008 Pole Pedal Paddle Liveblog! Follow the race as our reporters on the scene update this page with race action as it happens!

May 18th 9:54:03 am: See complete race results of the 2008 Pole Pedal Paddle

May 17th 5:56:10 pm: As promised, Chelsea Clinton made a brief appearance at this year's PPP, campaigning for her mother Hillary...

May 17th 5:42:57 pm: The costumes at this year's PPP were top notch. Check 'em.

May 17th 3:47:07 pm: Photos: Bike and Run Legs

May 17th 2:08:57 pm: Teams finish!

May 17th 2:05:53 pm: Just got some ski photos in...

May 17th 1:56:59 pm: Canoe traffic

May 17th 1:43:44 pm:

Actually the bike was awesome, [unclear speech, please listen] to ask and.

May 17th 1:35:18 pm:

It's currently 95 degrees and rising.

May 17th 12:43:25 pm: Photo of Marshall Greene, Men's Elite winner

May 17th 12:39:47 pm: Paddlin'

May 17th 12:28:49 pm: Super Orange!

May 17th 12:25:55 pm: Temp is 89 degrees!

May 17th 12:11:55 pm: Sarah Max is the top finishing female.

May 17th 12:07:25 pm: Team 946 at the paddle transition

May 17th 12:06:42 pm: It's official: Marshall Greene, of Bend, has won his third consecutive Pole Pedal Paddle. Stand by for more results.

May 17th 12:04:53 pm: Photos of the paddle leg

May 17th 11:59:10 am: Team 311, 309 finish

May 17th 11:58:06 am: Team Merlin finishes

May 17th 11:50:40 am: Finish line photos

May 17th 11:25:06 am: Team 114 crosses finish line

May 17th 11:21:58 am: Runner at run paddle transition

May 17th 11:21:07 am: Video of paddle transition area

May 17th 11:19:31 am: Sarah Max wins women's elite category

May 17th 11:17:08 am:

May 17th 11:13:02 am:

May 17th 11:12:37 am:

May 17th 11:00:00 am: More cycling video at the roundabout

May 17th 10:56:04 am:

May 17th 10:51:51 am:

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