The Muse of the Backcountry

Photographer Dave Schiefelbein finds beauty in the changing moods of the backcountry, then he works to caputre that moment.
By Dave Schiefelbein - January 17th, 2008

Seattle photographer Dave Schiefelbein has based his photographic career around his excursions to the backcountry. Backpacking, mountaineering, snowshoeing and skiing are the methods that bring him to his ultimate playground...the wilderness spaces of North America. What does he find there? "The things that fuel my addiction to those places," he says.

"When people ask me why I do what I do, I tell them I like feeling the morning breeze stop and then witnessing the calm moment of a big mountain reflected in a still lake. I like the peacefulness of walking alone across a plateau of untracked snow. I like the distinguishing spectacle of a tree in spring. I enjoy equally the last gasp of a setting sun or a setting moon. I'm intrigued by the odd juxtaposition at sunset when a cold and frozen lake looks like it's on fire."

Schiefelbein's ability to depict the majesty of wild places provides the viewers of his images with the same calming sensations of solitude sought by those who travel to those astonishing environments.

Dave's photographs are sought after by both private collectors and commercial/editorial clients throughout the world. His work is presented by Getty Images and Danita Delimont. See his early gallery on




I wish we could come to your show. The pics look fabulous! Your work is AWESOME!
Miss you!
All our love, DeeDee & Tom, Lauren & Alex

Posted on February 18, 2009 - 7:00am
by DeeDee

Your Feb Show

Hi Dave,

Got the invitation to your February show at the Madison Park Cafe. I'm going to try and come. I really like your work.
I posted the invitation on my Facebook page and Tweeted about it on Twitter too. Hope you get a big crowd.


Posted on January 18, 2009 - 10:44pm
by Rod Brooks

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