Banff 2004 Photography Winners

By GreatOutdoors Staff - August 26th, 2004

The 2004 Banff Mountain Festivals kicked off this week with the judging of the Mountain Photography Competition, while the The Banff Mountain Book Festival and Banff Mountain Film Festival will take place during the first week in November.

This year's photography prize was awarded to Tim Remick's arresting image of a grove of aspen trees. Remick, of Eagle River, Alaska was awarded the Grand Prize for his photo "Aspen Grove, Ophir, Colorado."

"I discovered this aspen grove during a visit to Telluride, Colorado," says Remick. "The discovery was purely serendipitous. The area was full of mature aspen trees, but the scene I saw as we drove past could only be viewed from one spot. As with a door to another dimension, if you stepped too far to the right or left, you would not see this anomaly." A former teacher who turned to full-time photography two years ago, Remick hopes his images will inspire viewers to become stewards of the world's wild heritage.


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