How To's

Capture the Moment

By Kaj Bune

Put that fancy video camera to good use this winter by using it as a ski and snowboard training tool.

Beyond Weight Shift

By Lito Tejada-Flores

Learn how to shift your weight, balance on one foot, and make that smooth arcing turn down the ski slope.

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Winter Camping Survival

By Dan Smuts

Make yourself comfortable while traveling and camping in snow country.

The Widetrack Myth

By Lito Tejada-Flores

Don't trade mobility for stability by getting caught up in the widetrack stance. A narrow ski stance will put you on the path to expert skiing.

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Tips for a Successful Trip

By Tiffany Fischer

With a few helpful pointers, achieving a successful trip doesn't have to be next to impossible. Here are a few tips to get you started planning: where to go, when to go and what to pack.

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Wading Trails

By Elena Moon

There's nothing quite like the feel of currents wrapping around the legs and the rush of water in the ears to bring a sense of connection to the river.

Headwaters Institute

By Ann Beman

Learn more about the Headwaters Institute, a non-profit organization working toward bettering the education and communication between national river communities and the general public.

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A Sense of Adventure

By Katharine Wroth

A different type of adventure for visually impaired outdoor-lovers. Katharine Wroth explains.

Four Days, Three Nights, and a Hundred Inches

By Jason Lathrop

Witness the Golden Age of snowshoeing, where winter adventure happily collides with comfortable resort escapes designed for the entire family.

Snowboards: Selecting the Right Board

By Visitor

You've taken a lesson or two, rented or demoed a few boards, and now consider yourself a dedicated convert. Now, it's time to buy a board, and here's the stuff that will point you in the right direction.

Hand Language

By Jason Lathrop

If you're going to travel abroad, it helps to understand the implications of your gestures.

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Trail Runner: The Off-road Personality

By Adam W. Chase

Wanted: individuals able to deal with constantly changing environment, challenging obstacles, ability to travel alone, the pursuit of adventure, and an attitude.

Where Summer Survives and Winter Arrives

By Nancy Prichard

Don't get caught indoors. Explore a wealth of autumn hiking, trail running, and paddling destinations.

Three Fishing Lies You Can Use

By Jason Borger

An understanding of feeding, sheltering, and prime lies is essential to fly fishing success.

Swingin' Soft-Hackles

By Elena Moon

Have you forgotten that they exist, and how to use them? Give the tried-and-true soft-hackle a chance during this summer

Striking a Fish

By Jason Borger

One of the most crucial moments during the fight, the strike can determine whether things will continue in your favor.

Spring Tuning: Casting

By Jason Borger

After a winter of fly-fishing inactivity, casting is often at less-than-optimal levels, which can make for some frustrating early-season days.

Spotting Fish

By Jason Borger

Spotting fish--the next Olympic Sport?

Shot -- Near or Far?

By Jason Borger

Split Shot are vital parts of a nymph-fisher's equipment repertoire. However, placement is often an enigma for many anglers.

Setting a Drag: A Primer

By Jason Borger

An angler's three golden rules to remember when using a drag system.

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