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Grays on Trays

By Doug Taylor

Be adventurous, be bold, be outrageous. Grab a single plank and follow your kids to the slopes. You won't be disappointed.

Going Outside with Old Man Winter

By Jason Lathrop

Snowshoe, ski or sled with warmth and confidence this winter.

10 Ways to Beat Burn-out

By Rebecca Gonzales

Your climbing routine got you down? Mix it up with new styles, friends, gear, training programs, and maybe even a break from the rocks.

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A Dark and Stormy Ascent

By Nancy Prichard

Know what weather can make or break a climbing trip. Here's a tip sheet for understanding weather forecasts.

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Introduction to Mountaineering

By Chris Chesak

Taking your first steps towards stepping up high...

Taking Care of Flats While on the Trail

By Chris Gould

A three-step procedure for fixing a flat.

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Climbing 101: A Glossary of Ascent

By Nancy Prichard

A crib sheet of basic terms.

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Medical Tips

By Dr. Jack Ellis

Before you go! Medical know-how for the outdoors.

Finding a Home in the Woods

By Doug Gantenbein

When backpacking, a valuable skill is discovering the campsite that's off the beaten path.

Backcountry Hiking Safety

By Dan Smuts

What you need to know about traveling safe in the backcountry. The 10 essentials and beyond.

Boot Fitting Guide

By Brian Hewitt

Here's the ultimate guide to achieving the perfect boot fit. Expert tips on fitting from heel to toe and making adjustments with lacing variations.

Mountain Biking Tips

By staff

Don't forget Mountain Bike 101 - safety, etiquette and technique tips.

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Take it Easy, Take a Hike

By Murray Selleck

The beauty of day hiking is in its simplicity. You don?t need a ton of equipment, years of experience or hours of prep time. At a mimimum, it?s just you and your legs and a path to walk on.

Avalanche Safety: Don't fall prey to a slide.

By Kaj Bune

When it comes to avalanche safety, you can't know too much. Learn how to determine if a slope is safe to ski or climb before you go out.

Planes, Trains, Automobiles and... Kids

By Terry Munson

Traveling with kids is an ancient migratory malady as old as humanity. There isn't a sure cure, but anticipating challenges can diminish your domestic turbulence.

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Shooting Line: How to Be a Straight Shooter

By Jason Borger

Getting that line out. It's all about timing, handling, and positioning

Choosing and Using Fly Characteristics

By Jason Borger

Buying or tying for yourself or for the fish? Size, shape, color and behavior will make all the difference in your selection process.

Avoid the 'Dork Goes Fly Fishing' Label

By Deanna Burkholm

Get a grip, know your reel, string your rod, and tie up a Bimini Twist. An angler's guide to looking good on the river.

Fishing Snell's Window

By Jason Borger

Warning: Fish in Snells Window are closer than they appear.

Operate Smoothly With the Surgeon's Knot

By Jason Borger

Three variations of the Surgeon's Knot and how fly fishers use them.

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