Health & Fitness

Don't Lose Your Quads

By Kaj Bune

It doesn't take much to get your legs back in shape for skiing and snowboarding.

Debunking the Myth

By Steve Edwards

Losing weight means eating fewer calories. It's as simple as that.

Off Season Training

By Miranda Yeary

Keep your body in good working order during the offseason.

Basic Periodization

By Steve Edwards

The physiological benefits of a varied workout. Getting beyond your excercise plateau. workouts.

As Easy as A, B, C,

By Steve Edwards

The fundamentals of nutrition--it's not a hard science. Just listen to your body.

Food for Thought

By Doug Gantenbein

Backcountry cooking is challenging, but it's possible to eat well rather than just eat.

Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Poison Sumac

By Doug Gantenbein

Poison ivy, poison sumac and poison oak comprise the nasty threesome of the plant world of North America. Understand the trigger behind that itch.

Intervals for Speed

By Jeff Nachtigal

Trail Runner: The Off-road Personality

By Adam W. Chase

Wanted: individuals able to deal with constantly changing environment, challenging obstacles, ability to travel alone, the pursuit of adventure, and an attitude.

Avoiding Tropical Disease

By Jason Lathrop

Traveling off the beaten track? Learn how to avoid that little annoyance that could send you home in big trouble.

Tuning Up for Spring

By Dennis Stuhaug

With just a little time on the floor instead of your couch you can ease back into shape for more fun on the water - and less chance of an injury.

Stretch Out

By Dennis Stuhaug

Gaining power and efficiency with each stroke: four easy stretches that help.

Six Exercises to Increase Flexibility

By Dennis Stuhaug

Want more power with less effort? Relax and be flexible with these in-boat drills.


By Jeff Nachtigal

For athletes in training, the more rest, the better they feel. So why doesn't anyone remember to take it easy?

How to Adjust and Load Your Pack

By Doug Gantenbein

Today's backpacks can seem like gravity-defying machines, but only if they're properly adjusted and loaded.

Here's the Rub

By Nancy Prichard

A little preventative medicine (massage) can help to limit the wear and tear on a climber's body.

Gumby Games

By Nancy Prichard

Five minutes of stretching can help you reach that next handhold. It can also prevent injuries.

An Ounce of Prevention

By Doug Gantenbein

Blisters--the most common outdoor afflication--can ruin the best-planned outdoor trip. Prevention is the key.

Hike Like a Sherpa

By Doug Gantenbein

The legendary hikers of the Himalaya can teach lowlanders a thing or two.

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