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Weather Stops Summit Attempt at South Col, Dave Hahn hopes to Go for it Tonight

By Dave Hahn - May 23rd, 2010 7:39 pm GMT -0700

Via Satellite Phone - LISTEN IN!

Hey this is Dave Hahn calling from high camp, South Col, . . . after the summit yet, it was kind of a rough night. We hoped to get up in calm conditions and get started, but there was a snowstorm last night not a bad snowstorm . . (satellite transmission fails). . . go for it, friends of ours, and they are still up in it, still in cloud, still in snow, still in light wind, but they are also close to the summit and we hope they do well. We gave up on it about one this morning and decided we were going to wait and try to get a better day. So now it’s morning, it’s 7:30 in the morning, we still got blowing snow around here, we still got moisture all through the sky, we’re hoping the forecast is with us and there will be a little bit less moisture tonight and we might be able to go for it. But I’ll let you know what I hear during the day and as I said we’re hoping our friends from AAI and IMG get up tonight, or get up today, and get back down here safe. All for now.

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