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Ed Viesturs Reviews Members of Tomorrow's Summit Team

By Ed Viesturs - May 16th, 2009 8:24 am GMT -0700

Via Satellite Phone - LISTEN IN!

It’s Ed again, I just wanted to finish that last dispatch, just wanted to mention the team I’m climbing with now. There’s five us, Jake Norton, photographer, Gerry Moffatt, he’s on camera and producing a lot of the dispatches for First, John Griber, also cameraman, and Peter Whittaker will be here shortly, expedition leader, and myself. And as I mentioned earlier Melissa Arnot is now back at Camp II, nothing life threatening, just one of the myriad of illnesses that you get stuck with here while on these expeditions anywhere from stomach problems to respiratory ailments so unfortunately she will rest and recover and not be able to climb with us. But fortunately, I’m sure she will recover and be able to make another attempt in a week or so with Dave Hahn.

But all is well here. It’s actually a beautiful beautiful day here at Camp III. We are excited to move ahead to Camp IV tomorrow and keeping fingers crossed late in the evening Nepal time begin our climb hopefully to the summit of Mount Everest. Thanks again, Ed signing out.

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