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May 1st and All is Well

By John Stetson - May 1st, 2008

Via Satellite Phone - LISTEN IN!

Hello, this is Ed and John, up here on Baffin Island, All is well. It's May 1st. This is my second dispatch. I think I lost the satellite on my first. We're in a deep canyon and so our satellite has limited time before apparently we lose contact. But we had our usual 6 hours of pulling today, traveling about 10.5 miles. Quite arduous, going uphill. It's not a serious uphill but it's a constant uphill through a canyon up this small stream that we're traveling, very narrow in places and it's a real boulder field in places and we have to dodge and move around to get around all of the boulders try not to scratch up our skins on our skis or our sleds. We have seen a little bit of signs of wildlife while we've been out here. We saw yesterday a Caribou rack that was in the snow. And we saw lots of ravens which, is our usual companion out here. This morning we had snow buntings chirping around the tent as we woke up. We're seeing quite a few rabbit tracks or I should saw snow shoe hare tracks and the occasional fox track. Yesterday, just before we camped we saw a polar bear track that was crossing across where we were traveling, heading in the opposite direction. We never saw the bear. It was not too far ahead of us. The tracks were fairly fresh. But now we're up in the un-touched land, and a polar bear would have to be nuts to be up here. And it's very, very difficult to get up here and there's not really anything for a polar bear to eat. But Ed was quite sure that he could outrun me, so I've taken to tying his shoe laces together at night, secretly, just for my own self. But the trudge today was difficult but we made it. We're in our tent now. We had some beef stew just a bit ago.  And tomorrow looks to be a very good day as we head into the glacier fields where there's glaciers coming down, blocking our trail, and the ice cap in view, and we're looking forward to it. Thanks for checking in. Goodbye, until tomorrow.


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