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Olympic Games and Geo Politics Change the Rules on Everest

China exerts influence on Nepal to restrict climbing on the world’s highest peak this spring, and reported restrictions on satellite communication could affect how the news gets out.

Sir Edmund Hillary Dies

Sir Edmund Hillary, the climber who was one of two men to make the first ascent of Mount Everest, in 1953, died in his native New Zealand. In May, 1953, Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay were the first human beings to climb to the summit of Mount Everest. The extraordinary event made both men famous. Hillary had been in failing health for several years.

Red Rock Rendezvous 2007

By Gordy Skoog

A few days of music, climbing and learning new techniques from the
masters at Red Rocks National Conservation Area, Las Vegas, Nevada

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New Route on the North Face of the Grand

By Stephen Koch

Good ice conditions in the Tetons this winter enabled Stephen Koch and Hans Johnstone to put up a new route on the north face of the Grand Tetons.

Three Climbers Missing on Oregon's Mount Hood

Officials at Oregon's Mount Hood National Forest said that three climbers are currently missing.

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Climbers Mourn Todd Skinner

By Matt Stanley

Noted big-wall climber and free-climbing pioneer Todd Skinner died Sunday while rapelling off a new route he was attempting on the Leaning Tower in Yosemite National Park.

Mount Rainier Guide Monopoly to End

After more than 30 years of outright monopoly by RMI, Mount Rainier National Park has awarded two new guiding concessions to Alpine Ascents International and International Mountain Guides.

French Climber Perished on Makalu

Jean-Christophe Lafaille, attempting a solo ascent of Makalu, has been missing for more than a week and is presumed dead.

Fatal Accident on Mount Kilimanjaro

An accident yesterday on Mount Kilimanjaro's Arrow glacier has
reportedly taken the lives of North American climbers and closed the
Machame Route.

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The Changing Role of Sherpa Climbers

With his seventh Everest summit, climbing leaders such as Lakpa Rita Sherpa are redefining what it means to be a high altitude Sherpa climber on Everest and around the world.

18 Feared Dead in Nepal Avalanche

By Jiban Ghimire

Members of a French expedition and their Nepali support staff are feared dead on Kanguru.

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New Guide Services Slated for Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier, the site of America's s most lucrative guide concession, may soon see competing guide services after years of virtual monopoly

Helicopter on Everest makes History

For the first time in history, a helicopter unexpectedly touched down on the summit of Everest, its pilot settling onto the summit snows.

Unpredictable Mount St. Helens

From playground for Cascade climbers to destroyer of the landscape, the Cascade's most unpredictable volcano has played many roles in the past four centuries.

Climber dies on Mount Everest

Accident in the Khumbu Icefall on Mount Everest takes the life of a climber hoping to reach the summit with his brother.

Mount Everest Expedition Leader Dies

Canadian Sean Egan, on his third expedition to Everest, collapsed in Dughla while descending for medical reasons.

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