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No Shortcuts to the Top

A conversation with Ed Viesturs, and an excerpt from his new book on
his ascent of the world's 14 highest peaks without supplemental oxygen.

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Dave Hahn attempts his twelfth ...

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John Harlin's life-long ...

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Climbing Photography

In Memoriam - Carl Skoog

A tribute from his brothers Lowell and Gordy and from his friends in the outdoors including Andrew McLean and Gary Brill. Includes a selection of captivating images by Carl Skoog.

Everest 2007: Photo Gallery

Part of the thrill of being on Everest is the unsurpassed scenery.

Banff 2005 Photography Winners

The 2005 Banff Mountain Festivals wrapped up with a display of the winning images from the Banff Mountain Photography Competition.

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