Dispatch 70 Part 2: Back in Kathmandu, Expedition Over

By Dave Hahn - May 27th, 2007

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Great Outdoors, one final addendum from Dave on the roof of the Hotel Tibet in Kathamandu. The woman that we helped on the 21st, Usha, a Nepali woman, she finally had made it back to base camp on the day we left base camp for Kathmandu a few days ago, that would have been the 25th so it took from the 21st to the 25th for her to be completely rescued. A number of people, a number of Sherpas mostly helped her down through the icefall on that final day and I understand that her hands although frostbitten, weren't too bad, and her feet were not too bad either, she was still on oxygen that day and she was moved to a helicopter that came in on that morning of the 25th, an Everest Xtreme helicopter, part of the British medical team, and so she was evacuated and I assume she is doing okay in Kathmandu. As am I! So something of a happy ending to that story, but four hard days of work for many other people to get her out of the fix she had gotten herself into. Okay, bye for now.


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