Dispatch 70 Part 1: Back in Kathmandu, Expedition over

By Dave Hahn - May 27th, 2007

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Hey Great Outdoors, this is Dave and my final dispatch of the 2007 spring Everest season. The IMG South Side Expedition is officially over. And myself and Ang Jangbu Sherpa and Mark Tucker left Base camp two days ago in the afternoon after the last of our Sherpa team made it out of the icefall for the final time. And the last of those Sherpas were two of our guys who were helping with the recovery of Pemba Doma's body, the Sherpa woman who fell down Lhotse unfortunately on the 21st of may while we were doing the rescue of the other Nepali woman on that afternoon. When our guys were down and out of danger two days ago, we walked out of base camp, myself and Tucker and Jangbu, we got to Thyangboche, spent the night, to got up early yesterday, walked to Syangboche, then through a series of intricate helicopter hops made it back to Kathmandu yesterday evening, and big meals lots of eating, lots of drinking, water that is, not really in the mood for getting hammered on alcohol, lots of water and lots of rest, I'm surprised how tired I am I know it's not from the walking the last two days though we covered a bunch of miles. Still tired from Everest, and my cough is clearing right up, my cough is from going without oxygen part of that day due to the rescue, and sunburn again due to taking my mask off when I hadn't expected to. But all recovering now, lots of naps, it's hot here, sunny, things in Kathmandu are kind of a mess there's a strike today, a Maoist strike, so not much functioning, people who are trying to get to the airport are not successful, I'm not due to try to get out of town for a couple of days, so I'm not being affected too much yet, just trying to . . . (see dispatch continuation below).


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