Dispatch 68: A Day of Recovery

By Dave Hahn - May 23rd, 2007

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GreatOutdoors, this is Dave at Base Camp. And a day of recovery, still coughing, but feeling a little bit better, feeling a little stronger. Things are still going on up on the mountain. We still have a couple climbers coming down and a lot of sherpas working hard, still carrying loads through the Icefall. So nothing is really done yet. And the woman that we helped, down from near the Balcony, she is still at Camp II on oxygen, with frostbite, and still suffering from the altitude there. There's going to be a rescue tomorrow to get her all the way down to Base Camp and I sure hope that comes through. And recovery of the woman who fell down the Lhotse face is still happening. I would hope she'll be brought down to Base Camp tomorrow as well. But people are still going to the summit as well, people from the other teams. And this incredibly good weather is still lasting. I'm going to be here at Base camp a couple more days. Hoping to see things get wrapped up. In the meantime I'll be talking to you. Take care.


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