Dispatch 67: Climber Dies

By Dave Hahn - May 22nd, 2007

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Hey this is Dave again from Everest Base Camp and just trying to catch up a little bit on what's been happening the last couple days. As we were coming down from the summit; was that just yesterday? Yeah, yesterday. We came across a woman badly in need of help, suffering from cerebral edema. Hours later while we were in the process of starting the technical lowering, down the Geneva Spur, below High Camp, just as we were beginning that process we had too good a view of the climbers route on Lhotse just above us. And unfortunately watched a climber fall. And fall like 1000 meters, 3000 feet. It was terrible to see. That climber died. A woman from Namche. Well, that was certainly on our minds as we were working down eventually as we were lowering our victim through the Yellow Band we were only about a 100 feet from the remains of the woman who had fallen from the Lhotse Couloir. So it seemed like a pretty grim day to us. And with that we didn't finish with our litter case until well after dark. So trying to do the lowering on the Lhotse face with belays and lowering in the dark seemed pretty dangerous to us about then. We were able to get our victim to Camp III - our patient to Camp III, where she made a pretty good recovery with the help of the doctors that were there overnight. And we had already ducked down to Camp II getting there about 10:30 in the evening. And as I mentioned before we were pretty exhausted by then. Well that's a little bit about what's gone these last couple days. It's been a full few days.


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