Dispatch 66: News From Base Camp

By Dave Hahn - May 22nd, 2007

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Hey GreatOutdoors, this is Dave. And I'm back down at Base Camp. I wasn't sure when I woke up this morning at Advanced Base Camp whether I was going to have the energy to pack up at ABC and come down, but me and Casey Grom and Mike Haugen did just that. Came down about midday through the Icefall, which was a little spooky. Things are a little more slushy. A little more chance of falling in a crevasse or stepping through a crevasse bridge. The anchors are kinda melting out. But we moved down through pretty fast. We were all three pretty tired but excited to come down to Base Camp. Things are sure a lot more comfortable down here and a great relief to be off the mountain. But of course we're not completely off the mountain because our sherpas are still working through the Icefall and everything. On the good side, we heard that the woman that we helped and that we brought down as a litter case down the Lhotse face yesterday, was barely coherent. Today with the help of five sherpas she walked down, she climbed down the Lhotse face. Seems like she's going to recover, and that's pretty impressive. We didn't think she'd make it. I didn't think she'd make it. We're obviously pretty happy for that. Now trying to recover ourselves from the hard push up the mountain. Bye for now.


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