Dispatch 63: Hahn and Other IMG Guides Rescue Abandoned Climber, Reported Safe Now

By Dave Hahn - May 21st, 2007

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Hello, this is Eric Simonson at International Mountain Guides with an update on Dave and the climbers. I spoke a few minutes ago (10:12 a.m. PDT) with Mark Tucker on the satellite phone and he reports that all the climbers have now descended to Camp II, including Dave. It sounds like Dave, Casey and Mike had their hands full today with a climber from another expedition that had been abandoned at the Balcony and was in very bad shape. From what I understand the three of them with the help of a couple of other people managed to get this individual all the way down to Camp III where they were able to turn them over to the Extreme Everest team who is taking care of them now. So Dave, Casey and Mike did a stellar job not only going up today, but also coming down helping another climber in distress. Again it sounds like they all made it down to Camp II and all is well on Mount Everest. This is Eric Simonson. Good bye.


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