Dispatch 61: Down to Balcony on Return to South Col

By Dave Hahn - May 21st, 2007

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Hey this is Dave, Phinjo and I are back down at the Balcony, 27,500, our timing was pretty good, we only had a couple of people coming up the Hillary step, most people were up on the summit or close to it when we took off, and our timing really paid off, it's our time, 8:12 in the morning, calm and nice, we're alone at the Balcony and we're going to eat and drink, haven't done too much of that today and then were going to drop on down to the South Co, and I'll give you a call form there. But obviously things are going pretty well for us. Man I'm looking out at Makalu, fifth highest mountain in the world, and Kanchenchanga beyond, third highest mountain. Spectacular, spectacular. Okay, bye now.


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