Dispatch 61: Dave's Last Sat Phone Dispatch for 2006

By Dave Hahn - June 2nd, 2006

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Hey Great Outdoors, this is Dave Hahn and this will be my last phone dispatch. I'm on the roof of the Hotel Tibet in Kathmandu and I'm the last of the 2006 IMG Everest Team the others have flown out. Dennis and Dan flew to Delhi and on to their homes yesterday, and Mark Tucker and Justin Merle flew out of Kathmandu two days ago heading the other way, to Bangkok and across the Pacific. Justin was going to hang out in Thailand, maybe I'll see him there. Paul and Fiona and Mary and those folks left two days ago as well. Not much going on for me now, I'm just at loose ends, still seeing a few of our Sherpa team here and there and working with them a little bit but for the most part I'm just packing and getting ready for heading home myself and closing the book on the Everest season for this year. I'll write you up a little bit and let you know how it all went in my mind in summation. Bye for now. Thanks for tuning in.


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