Dispatch 60: Back in Kathmandu

By Dave Hahn - May 29th, 2006

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Hey Great Outdoors, this is Dave Hahn and I've made it to Kathmandu. Didn't really expect to today. Woke up this morning and it was pretty cloudy and rainy in Lukla, so we kind of did the morning hang, myself and Mark Tucker and Ang Jangbu, and Paul and Fiona and Dennis were there as well, really didn't figure we were gong anywhere, ate a little breakfast, took a nap, woke up, it was still rainy and cloudy and I was doing crossword puzzles and in rushed Mark Tucker and Ang Jangbu wrangled two spots on a helicopter that was parked there and was going to take off through a little break in the clouds. I thought the two of them would go, but me and Mark Tucker drew cards, he got a queen, I got an ace, so I crowded on this big Russian MI-17 helicopter, pretty scary ride, since I couldn't see from where I was crowded into a little corner, bunch of people on the thing, kind of crazy, I gotta stop doing those kind of things. But boom, back in Kathmandu, got my beard shaved off within a half hour, shower, feel like a new man. So life is moving and I'll get back in just a little bit, tell you about the rest of the team getting out. Bye for now.


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