Dispatch 58: Dave Prepares to Leave For Summit

By Dave Hahn - May 20th, 2007

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Hey this is Dave Hahn again. Through the afternoon and evening we've been each trying to figure out what's a smart time for us to leave the South Col and go for the summit, and a number of people the last few days been leaving early, like 8 or 9 p.m., but sure enough people have been getting up in the dark. I don't want that. I summited in the dark last spring, it was fun, it was neat, it was novel but I don't need to do that again, especially with these perfect conditions. So I'm planning on getting out of here about 11:30. Not all of the groups that up here is climbing, so I 'm not too worried about crowding. Probably will get behind some folks, but I don't think it will be too big of a problem. I'll be climbing with our youngest Sherpas, Phinjo Dorje, I'm excited about that, he hasn't been to the top yet he's the son of my good friend Tommy who lives in Thyangboche, I feel very proud that he trusts me to go up there with young Phinjo and show him a good summit morning. I'm looking forward to that. Like I say we'll start walking at 11:30. I'll bring my phone, I'll try to call before we start walking but that's a cold time of day, not sure how many times before the sun rises but I will keep you informed. Beautiful night, best I have seen at the South Col. Extremely good conditions, the track hasn't filled in with snow. There is a LOT of snow at the South Col, normally it's rocky with a little bit of snow, it's pretty well covered with snow now, and that also means our climbing route is covered with snow. As long as the wind doesn't blow in between climbing days that means a pretty good track set up. So I'm going to keep my fingers crossed, I like it easy. Bye for now.


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