Dispatch 57: 2006 IMG Everest Expedition Leaves the Mountain

By Dave Hahn - May 27th, 2006

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Hello,, it's nine in the morning here at Everest Base Camp on the Nepal Side and the 2006 IMG Everest Expedition is well on its way to finishing up. We sent 16 Sherpas up through the ice fall this morning, early, to Camp I, carrying the last of our loads off the mountain. And the last one of the guys is out of the icefall now and taking off his crampons. So it's kind of a festive atmosphere down here right now, we're all in the mood to celebrate and in the mood to throw our packs on and start walking down valley which we're going to be doing pretty soon. It's kind of cloudy, that's good, it will keep the sun off of us and, yeah, we're all really psyched to get down to where life is a little more comfortable and things are growing, a little closer to home. We'll let you know how that goes. Bye for now.


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