Dispatch 56: Dave Hahn at South Col Ready for Summit Bid

By Dave Hahn - May 20th, 2007

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Hey GreatOutdoors, Namaste! It's 1:30 in the afternoon and I'm on the South col, I got here about an hour ago, I said I was going to call you from the Lhotse Face but didn't, sorry about that, I put the phone in a pocket that got stowed in my pack, I was in a crowds of people all day, there were a lot of people going up the Lhotse face and so I felt like I had to maintain my spot in line and pass when and not be an obstacle for other people. It all went well enough I gotta say the first couple of hours before the sun is up and where it's just steeply uphill are starting to be a little bit dull, at Camp III I turned on Oxygen started breathing oxygen and then it's not so dull, you fell like you're up in rarefied air and slightly exclusive place when your up over Camp III and going through the Yellow Band it starts getting pretty exciting. And of course when I popped over the Geneva Spur then you are almost level with 26000 foot Camp IV and I walked down in here to Camp IV and what a great day. Just the slightest breeze and sunshine. The IMG team put 18 climbers on the summit today, 6 climbing members and 12 Sherpas, everybody down to the South Col safely, and some even below that. I'll give you a call as the afternoon goes on and let you know how our plans are going for busting out of here and going for the summit tonight. Things are starting to happen.


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