Dispatch 55: Dave Leaves Advance Base for South Col

By Dave Hahn - May 20th, 2007

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Namaste, GreatOutdoors, this is Dave Hahn I'm up at Advance Base Camp, it's quarter to four in the morning, it's dark out, it's cold, I'm finishing up breakfast and I'm going to start my way up on to the Lhotse Face. Long day of climbing up to the South Col but I'm feeling pretty good this morning and I think it should go pretty well, there's a bunch of Sherpas on the move carrying heavy loads up to the Col. Word from my radio we already have climbers past the south summit on the way to the top this morning, that's pretty good, it's pretty early, so I hope they are doing well up there, but it sounds like good conditions for it, looks like good conditions for it. Perhaps I'll give you a call from Camp III on my way up the Lhotse Face.


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