Dispatch 53: Dave Hahn Summits, but his Satellite Phone Fails on Top

By Dave Hahn - May 23rd, 2006

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Namaste, this is Mark Tucker with International Mountain Guides. Mr Dave Hahn, once again Everest summiter. It must have been a bit chilly up there for his batteries and his phone have kind of discharged, so I am stepping up to the plate for him at this time and telling you all is well. Dave sends all you guys his best, he's has a wonderful summit, the weather is great, he's back at the South Col resting, rehydrating and supporting the rest of the team who are as well on their summit bids. Nobody could keep up with Dave today, he was the jackrabbit on the hill. We are all very excited for him and can't wait to have him back down here at base camp, and we'll have him get in touch with you guys as soon as he can recharge his batteries. That's all from Everest Base Camp.


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