Dispatch 53: Dave Hahn Reports in from Advance Base Camp

By Dave Hahn - May 19th, 2007

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Hey GreatOutdoors, this is Dave Hahn again and now I'm in Advance Base Camp. It's 11:24 in the morning, our morning, May 19, and I've been here about a half hour and I've been drinking juice the whole time trying to replace the fluid I lost on the way from Camp I to II. Little bit sweaty, sun beating down, wasn't much wind . . . generally good weather . . . coming down from the summit, it's still good weather up there, I think there's a little breeze, I've been following their progress we have guys down below Camp IV already, even below Camp III on their way down from the top, but then of course we do have a few guys who are working a little bit harder and still trying to make their way back to high camp, so we're following the radio, lots of radio traffic today, lots going on . . . down through the icefall . . . when it all gets done. I'm feeling really good here at advance base camp, it's nice morning almost mid day . . . . like a . . . .(satellite transmission fails).


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