Dispatch 49: Dave Checks in From Camp III

By Dave Hahn - May 21st, 2006

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Hey, this is Dave Hahn and I'm up at Camp III, it's just 8 in the morning, I got up and started walking at four this morning in the dark and now I'm halfway up the Lhotse Face at Camp III. I'm going to go on up to Camp IV hope to get there by midday for a summit bid tonight. Wonderful day for climbing, really beautiful out, calm, still, blue sky. I was a lone for a lot of the morning, but by the time I was within an hour of Camp III, there was certainly a whole lot of strong Sherpas passing me, including my climbing partner Danuru, so I'm looking forward to catching up to him again at camp iv. I'm pretty psyched that he's going to go climbing with me even after he went to the summit with Brenda the other day. So I'll keep you informed, everything is going well here. Paul and Fiona and Dennis have moved up to Camp IV so they are about an hour or two ahead of me, and Dan and Jim are on their way up to Camp III now, everybody is moving again. Bye for now.


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