Banff 2005 Photography Winners

The 2005 Banff Mountain Festivals wrapped up with a display of the winning images from the Banff Mountain Photography Competition.

Trans-Sierra Snowshoe Trek

By Cameron Martindell

On a classic High Sierra ski route a group of adventurers prove that snowshoes offer a viable way to cross the range.

Going Outside with Old Man Winter

By Jason Lathrop

Snowshoe, ski or sled with warmth and confidence this winter.

Stair Climb to Winter Fitness

By Kaj Bune

Although the scenery isn't as good as the real thing, your fitness will be for real.

Bigfoot Sighting

By Jason Lathrop

A drop-out of the corporate world, Dave 'Bigfoot' Felkley, Colorado's snowshoe guru, advocates a simple life and a winter walk (or run) in the woods.

Family Resorts for Winter Adventure

By Jason Lathrop

Destination resorts around the country that cater to family winter adventures: from snowshoeing to sleigh riding; from skiing to skating.

Four Days, Three Nights, and a Hundred Inches

By Jason Lathrop

Witness the Golden Age of snowshoeing, where winter adventure happily collides with comfortable resort escapes designed for the entire family.

Making Tracks

By Richard Hamilton Smith

Each morning opens a new showcase of the season’s artistry.

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