Camping and Hiking

Camping and Fishing in the White Mountains

By George Stocking

A family camping and fishing trip is more about being together in the outdoors than getting a bite.

Building a Snowcave

By Murray Selleck

Learn how to build a snowcave and be prepared for that planned or unplanned night out in the winter backcountry.

Beachcombing at Goleta Point

By Cathy Philipp

Goleta Point, west of Santa Barbara, offers six miles of diverse coastal ecosystem, including sandy beaches, dunes, and nutrient-rich sloughs.

Leave No Trace

By Murray Selleck

Be responsible in the outdoors! Practice proper outdoor etiquette wherever you go.

Blackberry Spring Trail

By Cathy Philipp

This short, easy family hike includes water, wildlife, and fishing near a picturesque camground and picnic area in California.

Rockwall Trail

By Nancy Prichard

Visit the "Disney World for outdoor enthusiast."The Rockwall Trail, the most dramatic section of the Canadian Great Divide Trail, traces breathtaking passes, forested canyons, hanging glaciers, and alpine cirques for stunning and memorable hiking experience.

Explore White Point Tidepools

By Cathy Philipp

White Point is home to some of the most diverse and easily accessible tidepools in Southern California.

Canyon Lake's Calm Days

By Shannon Blackburn

This Texas destination offers 80 miles of shoreline, a wide range of watersports and campgrounds galore.

The Coach's Corner

By Steve Edwards

What is fitness? Are you fit? What is the best way to become fit?

The Ali Shuffle

By Steve Edwards

If you could choose one exercise, what should it be?

Phase Training

By Steve Edwards

Conditioning through phase training--what do the phases do for you.

Good Day Sunshine

By Steve Edwards

Sun Salutations - a meditative, morning ritual.

Debunking the Myth

By Steve Edwards

Losing weight means eating fewer calories. It's as simple as that.

Basic Periodization

By Steve Edwards

The physiological benefits of a varied workout. Getting beyond your excercise plateau. workouts.

As Easy as A, B, C,

By Steve Edwards

The fundamentals of nutrition--it's not a hard science. Just listen to your body.

Winter Camping Survival

By Dan Smuts

Make yourself comfortable while traveling and camping in snow country.

Food for Thought

By Doug Gantenbein

Backcountry cooking is challenging, but it's possible to eat well rather than just eat.

Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Poison Sumac

By Doug Gantenbein

Poison ivy, poison sumac and poison oak comprise the nasty threesome of the plant world of North America. Understand the trigger behind that itch.

Remote Datil is a Gem

By Rebecca Gonzales

This sport climber's paradise has steep faces, protected routes, and unbeatable camping.

Enchanted Rock's Granite Dome:

By Matthew Hammer

A favorite Texas playground for rock climbers,
backpackers, and even sedentary tourists who don't mind a lung-expanding walk up the dome.

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